The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not officially endorse any one particular geographical model for where the events in The Book of Mormon transpired in the New World. For that reason, we have designed and prepared this artistic rendering in such a way that you can get a basic idea of approximate directions and theoretical relationships between various geographical features mentioned in the stories.

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Use this to help you follow the various journeys of the people and understand the significance of the locations mentioned in the Book of Mormon.

The conceptual map of the land of the Book of Mormon

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Engage with the travels of these people. Begin by selecting a book and chapter. This will give you the chapter summary and show you on the map where that chapter’s events occurred, what year (or range of years) they covered, and any traveling that took place. You will also see various cities change from Nephite to Lamanite control (or vice-versa) in chapters where that took place.

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Immerse yourself in the stories and explore the lives and travels of these people in a new way!

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