What is Virtual Scriptures

BYU Virtual Scriptures exists to educate and inspire scripture readers using compelling visual experiences that are memorable, meaningful, and uplifting.

We create interactive apps to help people experience the scriptures, immerse in deeper study, and engage in a visual way with the stories found in the scriptures.

The BYU Virtual Scriptures Group

Tyler Griffin

BYU Ancient Scriptures Professor Co-Founder | Co-Director

Taylor Halverson

BYU Teaching and Learning Consultant Co-Founder | Co-Director

Richard Crookston


Seth Holladay

BYU Animation Professor | Co-Director

Previous Employees

Daniel Nash

Project Manager

Daniel Smith

Research Consultant

David Burnham

3D Artist

Davis Agle

Research Assistant

Normandy Poulter

Graphic Designer | Concept Artist

Nathan Jensen

Programmer | App Developer

Christine Lawler

Animator | App Developer

Ethan Hunsaker

Virtual Reality Developer

Josh Cotton

Concept Artist | UI Artist

Denis West

3D Artist

Henry Lisowksi

Programmer | App Developer

Daniel Phelps


Special thanks to the BYU Religious Department for their ongoing financial support to make this project happen.

We also offer our thanks and gratitude to the many talented individuals at the LDS Motion Picture Studios who made the Virtual New Testament project possible! See some of their names on the credits page of the app.


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