The Virtual New Testament app is one of the most accurate digital recreations of first-century Jerusalem. It’s purpose is to enhance scripture study by allowing you to experience the city, engage with the environment, and immerse yourself in the world of Jesus’ mortal ministry.


Experience the temple by walking through the courtyards, the sanctuary, and the Holy of Holies. Virtually stand where the priests worshiped God and learn about their ritual practices.

Temple Mount

View the city from multiple vantage points and see places where Jesus performed miracles.

Engage with the environment by clicking on info dots to reveal details about the different places that Jesus Christ walked, healed, and taught.

Pools of Siloam


Immerse yourself in Jerusalem through 360° virtual reality panoramas and bring this experience into your Bible study. Download the Virtual New Testament App, step back in time, and take your scripture study to a whole new level as you see the scriptures come to life.


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Help us continue to develop more portions of the city and functionalities such as virtual tours.