The Book of Mormon Map is an artistic representation of the land in the Book of Mormon which depicts the land and cities as described in the book. Experience the land of the Book of Mormon, engage with the travels of the people, and immerse yourself in the story.



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The conceptual map of the land of the Book of Mormon


Concept art of the potential look of the paths

Experience the land of the Book of Mormon by knowing its geography. This map is based on the descriptions found in the book, not on any particular place within the known world. Since it is based strictly on those descriptions, it is one of the most accurate maps of the Nephite and Lamanite world.


Engage with the travels of these people by selecting chapters and watching short animations of their journeys. See which cities were controlled by the Nephites and which were controlled by the Lamanites at different times throughout their history.

Screenshot of current development


Immerse yourself in the story—don’t let all the city names confuse you anymore while you study. This interactive map will help you to understand the Book of Mormon even better.


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