Conceptual Book of Mormon Map

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Whether you need to teach or learn about the Book of Mormon, use this interactive map on your desktop to better understand the stories found in the Book of Mormon

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Available Resources

Access these resources for use in your seminary classes or for your personal scripture study. Some of these are more developed than others, feel free to give us feedback so we can create the features and experience you need!

Book of Mormon Map

The Book of Mormon Map is an accurate, artistic representation of the land in the Book of Mormon which depicts the land and cities as described in the book. Experience the land of the Book of Mormon, engage with the travels of the people, and immerse yourself in the story.     Get HD static version of the map Use this in your classroom to […]

Virtual New Testament

The Virtual New Testament app is one of the most accurate digital recreations of first-century Jerusalem. It’s purpose is to enhance scripture study by allowing you to experience the city, engage with the environment, and immerse yourself in the world of Jesus’ mortal ministry.   Experience the temple by walking through the courtyards, the sanctuary, and the Holy of Holies. Virtually stand where the priests worshiped God and […]

Mormon’s Cave

Explore Mormon’s Cave on your desktop. Learn the background of how the Book of Mormon looking at the plates and artifacts Mormon stored there. This is an early version, please provide us with helpful feedback as we update this for you! Download Beta Now Desktop Windows Mac

Virtual New Testament

Visit Jesus’ Jerusalem to better understand New Testament stories

Explore a digital model of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus on your mobile device or desktop.

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What We're About

I'm not the official writer for this blog, so this will be a temporary post that will likely be deleted later. Keep that in mind as you are reading this. My name is Daniel Nash, I'm a composer and sound designer. I also happen to have other skills with which I help out here. Our main purpose in creating the material we do, is to help people see the scriptures in a new light. For those who have read the scriptures before, we hope to help people see it again and learn new insights — perhaps even help people want to read them again with a new perspective. For those that haven't read them or feel like they don't understand, this could help make the scriptures more accessible. We've even targeted some parts of the Book of Mormon that may be more difficult to comprehend, like the war chapters in Alma. That's why we made an interactive map to help readers see where the cities are in relation to each other and what they have to do with the chapter they are reading. We also created a 3-D rendition of Mormon's Cave to help readers understand the complexity and scale of what Mormon did to abridge the Nephite records. In the future, there will be much more utility in the way users can interact with our resources and the scriptures and we will be continuously improving what we have to better accomplish our purpose. Hopefully that gives you an idea of what we're about. Please leave comments for us or contact us at